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Screenshots of ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
  • ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
Description of ramblr (hiking, gps, map) (from google play)

Ramblr – Your adventure. Your story.

Your outdoor adventures deserve more than a simple blog entry or status update. This is you overcoming the impossible, white knuckled and covered in dirt, and doing things you only dreamed of doing. When you’re experiencing the best that Mother Nature has to offer, ramblr provides a way to chronicle your expeditions using stats, pics, videos, descriptions and maps. Whether you’re hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, or road tripping, you can finally tell your story the way it was meant to be told.

Capture the highlights of your trip
• Track your route on the map – see where you’ve been and where you’re going.
• Revel in the glory of your accomplishments – check out statistics for your trip, such as speed, duration, distance, highest point, etc.
• Record video, pics, audio and text descriptions and tag it to points on your map. Relive the full experience of your trip.
• Create a story – use your video and audio recordings, statistics and map tracking to build a rich, detailed record of your journey.

Share your story
• Upload and share memories from your adventures without any hassle. Whether you’re climbing mountains, surviving white water rapids, or generally conquering the world, sharing the details of your trip can be the farthest thing from your mind. Facebook and Twitter integration make it easy and effortless to update your friends on where you are on your journey.

Find your way
• Use the built-in GPS system for directions and routes.
• Download public trips from our server for real-time guidance on your own journey.

Experience other stories
• Don’t know what adventure to embark on? Browse and access trips taken by your friends and others.
• Search for trips by video and audio recordings, map locations, keywords or by name.

Learn more about how you can record and share your next adventure like never before at www.ramblr.com.

Version history ramblr (hiking, gps, map)
New in ramblr 2.54.1
- Bug fix for cropping a photo on Android 11
New in ramblr 2.53.8
* Bugfixes
- A bug that shows wrong date for a trip computer photo captured by the App.
- A bug that tracking process stops intermittently.
- A bug that camera doesn't work properly on Android 11.
- A bug that tracking doesn't start correctly on Android 7.
- Other minor bugfixes
New in ramblr 2.53.6
- Trip upload failure on certain conditions.
- Photo geotagging failure on certain brand/OS version phones.
New in ramblr 2.53.5
* Urgent Bugfix
- Photo geotagging problem of the previous version 2.53.4 (on Android 9 & under) has been fixed.
New in ramblr 2.53.3
- A few geotagging bug fixes on Android 10.
- Minor bugfixes
- Minor UX/UI improvements
- YouTube logo updated to follow brand guideline
New in ramblr 2.53.1
- Android 10 support
- Minor UX improvements
- Minor bugfixes
New in ramblr 2.52.4
* Bugfixes
- Incomplete trip upload in special occasion.
- Minor bugs.
New in ramblr 2.52.2
* New Features
-  Enhancement of trip uploading speed.
- Support location-sharing for up to 50 people.
- Realtime notice of securing badges.
- Minor optimizations and enhancements.

* Bugfixes
- Bugixes for several crash cases.
- Minor bugfixes.
New in ramblr 2.51.9
* Bugfixes
- Incorrect date/time reporting caused by the "GPS Week Number Rollover" bug on some brand phones including Galaxy Note 2,
- App crash case (when performing search) on Android 8.0.0.
* Features
- Minor UI/UX improvements.
New in ramblr 2.51.7
* New Features
- Location Sharing Service (Beta) between private group members.
- "Near-by (Recent)" tab added in "Explore" screen.
- Other minor features.
* Bugfixes
- Minor bugfixes.
New in ramblr 2.46.2
* New Features
- New UI for Recent/Nearby Trips
- Password Reset
- Minor UI/UX Enhancements
New in ramblr 2.42.3
Bug fix
New in ramblr 2.41.3
*New Features
- Real-Time Tracking (different flag for a manual location update, delayed update for no cellular coverage area)
- Minot feature updates
New in ramblr 2.40.4
* New Features
- New optimized algorithm for Total Ascent.
- Minor UI/UX improvements.
* Bugfixes
- Bug on displaying Total ascent and Calory in Trip Computer.
- Minor bugfixes.
New in ramblr 2.36.6
* New Features
- Follow other user's trip directly from a trip viewer.
- My trip delete feature
- Minor features, UI, UX updates
* Bugfixes
- Problem on head-up map display for a few specific phone models.
- Minor bugfixes
New in ramblr 2.29.10
* Bugfixes for the problems listed below.
- The distance of a trip shows higher than the distance actually traveled.
- The app crashes or doesn't respond occasionally when it records a long distance trip.
New in ramblr 2.29.7
* Bugfixes
- App crash when trying to search trips/ids in the app (Android Oreo)
- App crash while receiving push notifications (Android Oreo)
New in ramblr 2.29.5
* Bugfix
- Abnormal glitches on the tracks recorded by certain brand/models phones.
- Minor Bugs.
* New Features
- Ready for Oreo (Android 8)
New in ramblr 2.26.10
1. improved GPS filtering
2. add power saving mode guide
3. minor bug fix
New in ramblr 2.26.5
Improved GPS filtering capability.
New in ramblr 2.26.2
- Google API Key updated
- Minor Optimization
New in ramblr 2.26.0
* Trip Computer enhancement on showing elapsed time.
* Bugfixes
- Crash case whiling using a custom passport.
- minor bugs
New in ramblr 2.23.3
- Quick map change in Track Setting- Bug fix
New in ramblr 2.22.7
* Bugfixes- Improve accuracy on accumulated ascent for Galaxy S6,7 with Android 7.X- Fix upload problem of Parada 3 phone- Minor bugfixes* Minor UI/UX improvements
New in ramblr 2.21.3
- remove call state permission request- add 'search badge for custom passport'- minor ui changed
New in ramblr 2.20.11
* Urgent Bug Fix (For LG Phone Users)- App stops working immediately after logging in for some LG models with Android 6.0
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